Digital Platform Providers

By introducing Digital Platform Providers (DPPs) from the ICT domain, business development and governmental institutions, start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as additional financers and funders, the Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net SES is creating a strong innovation eco-system building bridges along the entire innovation chain. 
DPPs often display a layered architecture with highly standardized interfaces between the layers allowing for the implementation of a variety of services on many levels (see Figure). Some provide a comprehensive platform cov-ering 4-5 layers, while others offer more specific solutions, e.g. domain specific enablers and some generic ena-blers which must be combined with elements of other DPPs. 
Figure: Layers of platform architectures

Current Digital Platform Providers

We are pleased to introduce the following Digital Platform Providers. Click on a logo for more information.

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