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After several years of being a benchmark in the application of Industry 4.0 technologies for energy monitoring applications, TSK wants to go one step further. The great efforts it has made to develop digital platforms for monitoring energy variables in complex systems are now ready to be offered to third parties in the form of a service. Prior to this, TSK has for years applied its solutions to solve the technical needs of its own energy departments, which means that it has a robust experience in offering a quality service to its new clients. In addition, all its solutions are designed under the principles of interoperability and modularity, fundamental characteristics to ensure a correct integration between the solution and third-party systems. This way, it is possible to generate a tailored solution for each client with specific needs that can evolve over time.

What we offer

Our platform is a technological tool specifically designed for energy monitoring, which is achieved through three main components:
1. A unified architecture, which allows for the acquisition of all the heterogeneous data generated in an industrial process. This information is captured in a homogeneous way and independently of the provider and protocols.
2. A set of advanced analytic algorithms, which allow for the smart and automatic detection and prediction of events of interest.
3. A user-friendly and intuitive web interface, capable of showing the information visually, orderly and user-customizable.
Cybersecurity is not understood as something static but as an entity in continuous adaptation due to the evolution of the risks that need to be addressed.

Pricing model

The fee of the service will depend on the number of users accessing to the platform and the number of variables sent.

What we offer in addition

Experiences will be shared to improve users support

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33202 Gijón
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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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