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How we understand partnership

We are in the process to adapt and improve our edge device DAQ platform, data backend and PaaS for the advanced smart energy system requirements. Co-operations within the JPP SES framework will support and accelerate this project as we can carry out specific, ready to scale use cases. These activities are part of the Gantner Instruments roadmap. Hence it will benefit all participants of the project.

What we offer

Gantner Instruments monitors and controls data from various Energy applications providing monitoring/control from Edge to cloud.
Our Edge and DAQ hardware offers flexible and fast edge computing, open architecture and universal interfaces combined with easy connectivity. This makes it a perfect match to control smart grid loads and generation assets as it allows better and faster utilization of event based and continuous data streams.
Integrated connectivity for future prove asset & smart grid management.
Customers can develop and implement their own control app on the edge or in the cloud. Controls can be sent directly via the APIs.
Code and run it directly on the platform (e.g. Python Jupiter Lab) for ML and AI. It''s easy to integrate the package into your Software stack and solution.
The platform will prevent any double ICT investment and cost.

Pricing model

Edge computing HW and DAQ IOs can be rented.
Configuration Software and Edge computing programming for controls can be offered for free.
PaaS or SaaS solutions can be hosted as part of the project.
Either the running costs are considered as a project contribution or we have to agree on a compensation of running costs.
Interfaces, GQL APIs and Python Jupyter lab environment to read and write data is included with PaaS or SaaS solution.
Support and introduction, new technology implementations and bug fixes will be offered without additional charges (valid for the mentioned offerings).

What we offer in addition

During the project ANALYTICS (smart grid management with machine learning), Partner: University of Cyprus, FOSS Institute; we start to control the university campus with our hardware and cloud solution; new machine learning algorithms are combined with advanced control concepts demonstrating flexibility. Similar installations for Battery Energy Storage Solutions are planned as well.

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Gantner Instruments
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