How we understand partnership

CGI already participates in funded research and innovation projects, both at European and national level. We very much support the ERA-Net initiative and believe that our existing platform is well-placed here. The ERA-Net community allows us to learn about new use cases while we help projects by providing our experience of other use cases.
We see a generic platform as a facilitator for :
1. sharing knowledge among innovation projects so they need not re-invent the wheel
2. promoting cross-project cooperation within the innovation community beyond knowledge sharing, rather innovation at the system level, i.e. bringing different pilots together in a “connected energy system”
3. bridging different sectors together (e.g. energy, transport, smart cities, industry), acting as medium for innovation projects targeting cross-sector integration and supporting a wide diversity of use cases

What we offer

CGI’s Open Innovation Platform provides a Secure data & IoT platform to organizations for:
(a) collecting all types of data from all sorts of sources (e.g. Meters, EV charging stations)
(b) interface with other data sources, such as other project databases or external data like municipality databases, to enrich the database and provide additional analytical value
(c) enabling data insights
(d) creating innovative applications/services
(e) extracting value from ecosystems
Our methodology: We help to implement an agile innovation process to continuously innovate and create data insights.
Additional features:
- Re-usable models & algorithms to accelerate innovation
- API based solutions enabling collaboration in ecosystems
- Security & Privacy by design

Pricing model

The pricing model is to be negotiated depending on the requirements such as number of protocols to confugure, data volumes etc.
In the ERA-Net JPP SES community pricing would entail a discount compared to our commercial pricing reflecting the research and innovation aspect.

What we offer in addition

1. Presentations for the purpose of knowledge sharing, e.g. conference/webinar/working group/etc.; no remuneration fee.
2. Additional support to research/innovation outside the scope of SaaS; remuneration fee to be negotiated (non-commercial remuneration).
3. Consultancy studies related to smart energy systems, policy, energy transition etc.; remuneration fee to be negotiated according to the study requirements and mission.

Selected Partner Contact
Eemsgolaan 1
9727 Groningen

Jeroen Hakkert
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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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