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How we understand partnership

Utilihive aims to be the «Data Foundation» or «Energy Data Hub» solving data integration and data provisioning challenges. With that, Utilihive is the foundation driving sustainability and fostering innovation. By partnering with the ERA-Net JPP SES DPP community, Greenbird can introduce Utilihive to key actors on the energy market and support them in fostering the energy transition.

What we offer

Utilihive is a domain specific iPaas providing preconfigured data integration and data management capabilities, purpose-built for utilities.

Utilihive provides connectivity to metering and IoT systems and most of the commonly used utility application thus, simplifying data integration / system integration challenges.

Utilihive provides a data lake optimized for energy use cases. It propagates the concept of the «Energy Data Mesh» or a distributed data lake architecture to enable grid edge and OT analytics, as well.

Utilihive is a cloud native platform and can be operated in a public or private cloud or bare metal scenario.

Utilihive is used to handle the entire metering infrastructure in Taiwan, Kuwait City, Germany, Austria, Belgium, India and several utilities in Scandinavia.

Pricing model

yearly subscription fee based on the number of metering points / data points

What we offer in addition

Training and support services
Online documentation
Online community
Reference implementations and blueprints

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Greenbird Integration Technology
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Thorsten Heller

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