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How we understand partnership

CD''s motivation is to bring continuity to research and development to accelerate the green transition towards an integrated energy system (electricity, heat and water) with 100 % renewable energy. To this end, we put a Trusted Data Sharing Platform at disposal for national and European collaborations and developers. Currently, CD provides a secure and reliable digital platform to universities, DSOs and private companies to share and exchange their data for R&D purposes.
We believe that the ERA-NET digital platform and CD can mutually benefit from interacting and collaborating. ERA-NET enables us to showcase our expertise to a broader audience on EU level and also share the experience we have from national projects and how to facilitate the digital journey.

What we offer

As a solutions provider for payment clearing, rating, and billing, nexnet is the market leader when it comes to implementing high-volume billing quickly and securely. Since our founding in 2000, we have specialized in running our customers complex finance processes and ensure high-level effectiveness. Costs savings of 30% and more have also convinced our customers to put their trust in nexnet’s solutions.
Thereby, our customers can concentrate on their core business while we handle increasing competitive pressure demands and regulatory requirements. Our central IT platform allows quick and easy adjustments of product and price as a reaction to changes in consumer
purchasing behaviors and provides valuable tools for reporting, statistics, and analyses.
Data centers in Germany and high-performance SAP and Oracle systems guarantee the highest level of performance and data protection.

Pricing model

Some of our services are subscription-based where our clients will have access to their portal to perform a number of tasks. These include accessing and analysing real-case energy data that CD hosts from various stakeholders. The subscription fee varies depending on the type and number of services the client requires from CD.
CD also provides consultancy both to public institutions and commercial companies in their digital journey for choosing the right technologies to lower CO2 emissions and for deploying the right energy management systems, in some cases also to provide energy flexibility.

CD is a non-profit organisation. Therefore, the revenue generated from commercial activities is used to develop tools in-house and to finance further ongoing expenses.

What we offer in addition

We provide an incubator environment for academics and business including start-ups to try out their solutions and get support on their choice of technologies for their digital journey transformation. We also provide training on how to use some technologies for partners that don''''t have the resources and are not familiar with the right technologies.

As part of Center Denmark, we also have access to many research groups, industrial companies, and DSOs that are actively working in the energy sector. This also means we can facilitate the interaction between interested parties and connect them to the right groups. CD can also provide a platform for those interested in access to a rich pool of tools and software solutions developed and designed by the four Danish University partners (DTU, Arhus Aalborg and SDU).

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