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How we understand partnership

We have been following the work of the ERA-Net JPP SES for a while and see a great opportunity for cooperation. We are continuously developing and expanding our capabilities and experience based on work with customers and partners. The JPP SES DPP partner programme opens a channel for us to approach initiatives and projects which reflect multiple scenarios and needs, as well as working together with other parties, combining multiple perspectives and multidisciplinary knowledge.
We expect to have the opportunity to participate in initiatives and projects, which could leverage on our existing capabilities to develop further innovation, as well as drive evidences and learnings to inform EU/Country specific or required regulations and policies. Thus, together accelerating the pace of the energy transition.

What we offer

Lumenaza develops powerful software to connect producers and consumers of green distributed energy, providing open access to the energy market. We unlock innovative business models based on green distributed energy resources, accelerating new energy. This enables business to increase core product sales and sell energy services to existent and new customers. Our platform significantly reduces time-to-market and cost-to-serve. We maximize value from renewable assets. Consumers benefit from knowing the exact origin of their energy and profit from innovative and individualized energy solutions.

Pricing model

Lumenaza pricing is based on a software-as-a-service model. It is structured to provide flexibility to adapt to your business model in a pay-as-you-grow approach. The pricing model includes some of the following typical components:

1. One-time fees: applicable to project base work (e.g. initial setup, migration, etc)

2. Recurring fees (monthly):
a. base fee (€/ month)
b. fee per metering point (€/metering point/month) - may vary per type of metering point
c. fee per volume of electricity (€/kWh/month)

What we offer in addition

We adopt a consultative and collaborative approach, offering our experience, frameworks and support material. We are willing to share learnings from our previous experiences, as well as, non-confidential information on specific cases.

In certain scenarios, we are willing to facilitate exchange of experience among our customers (non-competitive), as well as bring together and extend our partner ecosystem to enable further innovation.

Our “New Concepts” proposition embeds a proven approach to validate innovative ideas and shape them into minimum viable products, supporting decision-making and investment/ funding decisions and providing a solid basis for implementation.

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Lumenaza GmbH
Kreuzbergstr. 30
10965 Berlin

Tereza Borges

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