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How we understand partnership

GridData is convinced to be an ideal potential member of the partner programme JPP ERA-Net SES Digital Platform Provider due to the strong match of ideas and topics. To the same extent, GridData expects that through the engagement within the network the work of GridData will experience a boost for technology advancement and for digitization towards optimal grid operation and planning, while the integration of renewables and new load scenarios will be shaped. GridData offers the core functions, collection and management and processing of grid-related data. Furthermore, a clear plan for future application development, created through collaboration and customer relationships has been designed. To consolidate the path to success, GridData is looking for partners, strives to discuss requirements and innovations, and is ready to participate in further international collaborations.

What we offer

Connecting Electricity Data - GridData solutions enable DSOs to implement the next step of digitization. With growing distributed generation and changing to new consumption behaviour the GridData strategy creates value out of data.

The core GridData solution merges existing data of GIS, Asset Management Systems and field measurements (e.g. station metering system, smart meter, inverter, storage systems, etc.), and represent the data in a user-friendly manner. Data from various subsystems are intelligently interlinked and evaluated automatically.

GridData applications enable customers to actively use the data. This includes identification of grid efficiency metrics, automatic fault detection and localization, process management via alarming and predictive maintenance, but also active control of network elements using matched algorithms to optimize load flows and the full utilization of network capacity for renewable integration.

Pricing model

Commercial offers entail an individual price structure which is a one-time basic fee for the data management platform and the respective data analytics or control coordination applications. Besides, a support service can be booked with annual costs.

For innovation projects - the effort is weighted against potential benefit.

What we offer in addition

GridData offers a support service which includes a hotline and a guaranteed response time on ticket requests. Furthermore, a bug-fix channel is operated in which customers can directly take part in the development of the applications. Regular software updates ensure a modern ICT and an up-to-date security scheme. GridData supports its customers in the digitization of the power networks (MV & LV). The optimization of the data quality, the efficient utilization of SmartMeter data, as well as, the correct interpretation of the data for the customer benefit is the core business. The exchange of experience with partners is of high importance and ideas, as well as inquiries are processed quickly. Furthermore, the solution from GridData offers an API so that the GridData applications can also be executed via customer-specific interfaces and integrated with other DSO systems such as SCADA, GIS, NIS.

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GridData GmbH
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