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How we understand partnership

The participation of start-ups and SMEs in European innovation projects is often complex and linked to a limited network of international technological and commercial partners. This greatly restricts the opportunities for the exchange of notions and for both economic, commercial and technological growth.
Participating in the ERA-Net JPP SES Digital Platform Provider partner programme allows us to create new potential partnerships in order to improve skills and technical competencies, through a continuous exchange with other actors in the energy sector at European and International level.
The ERA-Net network may also induce new commercial opportunities and it could enhance customers'' portfolio and potential applications of technical solutions in other areas.

What we offer

Energenius Srl offers integrated systems to foster energy efficiency, mainly focused on industrial and tertiary areas, but also considering other applications.
Besides Energy monitoring projects, energy audits, and building commissioning, the innovative core product of Energenius is "Genius Energy Manager (GEM) - Analytics". GEM-Analytics is a software platform that includes Artificial Intelligence algorithms performing automated energy analytics, based on data collected by sensors and installed in customers'' buildings. The platform operates on top of a distributed computing infrastructure (based on Fog Computing) and includes other modules for specific applications, data requests and plants to be monitored. It is tailored to the specific needs of each customer, with different modules to be applied according to building features and meeting specific analysis requests.

Pricing model

The price varies depending both on the number of variables/smart meters and on the type of analytics/service needed.
For example, the GEM-COGE module aims at optimizing co-generation processes, usually reducing the energy costs by at least 15%. This translates in savings greater than EUR 200k/year for a mid dimension CHP plant (2-3MWh). In this specific case, the pricing for the BA offered as a service from our cloud platform is around 10% of the savings. However, the GEM-BUILDING BA is usually quoted in lower figures, always linked to the size of the system, the complexity of the use-case, and potential savings. In the case of ERA-Net JPP SES projects/partners, specific partnership contracts with special and reduced fees, or even offering the platform for free, if involved in research projects, will be assessed.

What we offer in addition

Energenius Srl could offer specific events and training sessions on its main integrated products and already performed research and innovation activities, through data sharing about outputs of pilots.

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Energenius Srl
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