International Energy Research Centre (IERC), Tyndall National Institute

How we understand partnership

As a research group focused on developing innovative solutions we produce several tools in our research projects. Some of these tools are being explored for commercial potential, but in any case we want to make these tools available to those that would benefit from their purpose. We are motivated by our desire to produce high quality tools and see it as an almost pointless exercise if these tools end up not being used in research and industry to enhance these activities and aid future research. Making these tools available can also help us enhance the features of the tools by receiving feedback from users on the tools (if they wish) and help increase awareness of the work of our research group. The tools listed as part of the application are just the tip of the iceberg, with many more tools either under development or planned for future research proposals and we want to make as many of these (IP permitting) available to ERA-Net SES.

What we offer

The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) develops web-based software platforms, which typically include various tools for use in energy projects. The IERC will make some of these tools accessible for non-commercial purposes to further the work of those involved in sustainable energy research.

These tools were designed and developed by the SIERRA Group in the IERC, SIERRA Group is a dedicated software and data analytics team focused primarily on the energy sector, but also transport and agriculture.

The IERC may also work with other research performing organizations to increase the functionality of these and other tools by inviting them as collaborators on our GitHub projects. This will improve the tools and offerings to JPP ERA-Net SES.

Pricing model

Free access to tools

What we offer in addition

The tools provided can be made available to users via a user login for the web-based applications. These tools were developed as part of research projects and as such no funds are available (for the moment) for supporting users that use the tools. The tools are user-friendly.

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International Energy Research Centre (IERC), Tyndall National Institute
Tyndall National Institute
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Brian O''Regan
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