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A Transnational Joint Programming Platform to Initiate Co-Creation and Promote Energy System Innovation

We are a network of owners and managers of national and regional public funding programs in the field of research, technical development and demonstration. With ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems we provide a sustainable and service-oriented joint programming platform to finance transnational RDD projects, developing technologies and solutions in thematic areas like smart power grids, regional and local energy systems, heating and cooling networks, digital energy and smart services, etc.

Together with our associated partners we provide an innovation eco-system, building bridges in the whole innovation chain. Co-creating with partners that help to understand the needs of customers, communities and regions, we team up with intermediaries that support building consortia for research, innovation, technical development, piloting and demonstration actions, while at the same time establishing co-operations that can pave the way towards implementation in real-life environments and market introduction.
ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems provides a substantial contribution to turn the implementation plan of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) Action 4 „Increase the resilience and security of the energy system" into action.
The Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy System was presented at the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP)
 Programmes Dialogue on 12 February 2021.  


Focus Initiatives Addressing Specific Challenges

A Knowledge Community to Organise the Learning Back and Forth from the Local and Regional Level up to the European and International Knowledge Base

The consortia of our families of funded projects, together with additional experts for future energy system, build up our ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community, organising both:
as well as
ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems works closely together with the European Technology and Innovation Platform "Smart Networks for the Energy Transition” (ETIP SNET). It co-organises the National Stakeholder Coordination Group, providing a sounding board and exchange platform for national and regional RDI stakeholders. The NSCG enables stakeholders to contribute actively and in a coordinated way to the European SET-Plan by:

(Beyond these general goals, the ambitious Smart Energy Systems initiative has defined a detailed set of objectives.)

Knowledge Sharing on Different Levels within ERA-Net SES

ERA-Net SES aims at joint programming far beyond the organisation of joint calls for projects, only, by sharing and transferring knowledge, contributing to speed up the development, preparing implementation, scaling up and replication und improving the European and international knowledge base. In order to provide benefit to the European and international community, ERA-Net SES intends to participate in the Horizon 2020 open data pilot and follow the overarching EU innovation policy goals as far as possible. However, some of the transnational RDI projects will either be using open source code in their deliverables or contribute their deliverables to the open source communities. Alternatively, some of the partners may be contribute to standards, open or otherwise. In other cases, consortium partners will have to protect their IPR and products.

Therefore ERA-Net SES has developed a basic concept and principles of sharing knowledge in different levels:
General principles and underlying basic concept for data management and knowledge sharing in ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus
General principles and underlying basic concept for data management and knowledge sharing in ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus

The diagram describes:
  • on the left hand side knowledge, information and data elements, 
  • in the middle left, blue pyramid the high-level processes which lead to the different types of data, information and knowledge, 
  • in the middle right, green pyramid the stakeholders involved in the process and to the right the three levels (EU, programme, project) on which the various stakeholders act. 
  • in the right hand column, the level of confidentiality which is captured/exchanged on the individual levels (green: public; yellow: medium; red: high).
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Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Coordinator: Michael Hübner

Contact the Initiative

For questions related to our initiative, contact: office[at]eranet-smartenergysytems.eu

National Contacts

The national contact points of our funding partners can be found here.

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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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