In order to foster transnational learning and maximize impact, ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems develops is establishing and maintaining a knowledge community as one of its key instruments. Members of the ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community cooperate on finding approaches and solutions to cross-cutting topics of the three-layer research approach (technology, market, adoption). It is one of the central ideas underlying ERA-Net SES to approach these topics collaboratively in order to achieve a maximum impact and create a cross-project and cross-border learning effect instead of working on these questions separately in individual projects.
The ERA-Net SES Support Team manages this network consisting of the funded projects, other bodies within the ERA-Net SES initiative as well as external experts and stakeholders. Key instruments are:

The ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community is being managed by the support team which is an integral part of the ERA-Net SES Coordination. The subcontracted support team consists of three partners with prominent expertise and practice in the field of accompanying research of RDD initiatives: 

For further questions, please contact: knowledgecommunity[at]

The ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community links its participants are closely to other initiatives such as the ETIP SNET support project (Intensys4EU) or the Horizon 2020 Bridge initiative to enable a swift and coordinated input of the ERA-Net SES projects to the European SET-Plan Initiatives as well as the Grid-Innovation-Online platform. Beyond that, the knowledge community includes representatives of industry, policy, research and other institutions and initiatives, thereby installing a direct link between the RDD projects and the practitioners and decision makers.
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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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