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How we understand partnership

Flexens Energy Portal collects energy system data, such as energy flows and CO2 emission flows, from multiple sources; creating a visualization and real-time tracking tool for local energy transition. Flexens Energy Portal is a user-friendly, transparent and automated digital platform. We created Flexens Energy Portal in order to enable societies to decarbonize their energy systems. The digital platform has just been launched and the first testbed is the energy system on Åland. We are currently looking for the next.

In addition, we wish to be part of the partner program, as the ecosystem approach is in our core values. We believe that co-innovation and cooperation are valuable stepping stones in the urgently required global energy transition.

What we offer

Flexens is an ideal partner for communities, asset owners, investors, commercial and industrial clients seeking an energy transition towards a more renewable energy mix.

Societies have set ambitious targets to decarbonize their energy systems. These energy and climate goals are typically high level, act across different sectors, and set over long-time horizons. Therefore, the data must be gathered from multiple sources and stakeholders to get an appropriate overview of the whole system. That is why monitoring the energy transition progress can be challenging, and often out of date.

Flexens Energy Portal is a user-friendly and automated tool with which it is possible to overcome these challenges. The objective of Flexens Energy Portal is to aid in decarbonizing societies, by visualizing the energy transition in a simple and transparent way.

Pricing model

Due to varying project scopes, pricing is defined individually based on the services/work contribution requested. There exists a case-specific price for the platform implementation and monthly fee based on the scale of the projects and the number of indicators.

What we offer in addition

Smart Energy Åland (SEÅ) is a society-scale testbed demonstrating how a society can run self-sufficiently on renewable energy, without increasing the cost to the end customer. SEÅ has and will continue to provide Flexens with the skills and capabilities that allow us to initiate, develop and invest in projects which help societies to run on only renewable energy. The society-scale testbed also acts as a reference for energy asset integration and implementing emerging technology assets globally and all results are applicable to large markets.

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Flexens Oy Ab
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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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