Seita Energy Flexibility B.V.

How we understand partnership

We work as expertise technology partners around our FlexMeasures platform. We are Software-as-a-Service hosters, consultants & developers. We provide value in all phases ? from simulation to pilot, from eventual SaaS operation to on-premise. We have deep expertise with energy flexibility settings and want to help our research & business partners with their journey in this exciting and dynamic field. We are building a community around FlexMeasures (from within Linux Energy Foundation), which will provide many win-win scenarios.

What we offer

We are seeking opportunities to build novel & scalable energy flexibility services in partnerships, on top of our open-source energy management platform. Our contribution is to turn flexibility into value ? by using cheaper and greener energy. With our open-source software FlexMeasures (which is part of the Linux Energy Foundation), we support both the planning phase (with simulations and digital twin modeling) and the operation (real-time optimization), which we’ll host in the cloud, or on location if needed. FlexMeasures offers predictions and scheduling via an API based on the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF). We also aim to model flexibility of assets and portfolios with novel standards like S2 (initiated by TNO) and EFDM (developed by Fraunhofer).

As fitting challenges, we are looking for projects with forward-looking and complex settings. Our data model and experience are broad on purpose: We have experience with multiple energy carriers (electricity and gas). We have successfully run a vehicle-to-grid living lab and are now also designing projects with heating. Our technical offering comprises cloud-hosted as well as open-source high-level services (power forecasting and scheduling), domain specific enablers (weather forecast collection, ENTSO-E data integration like day-ahead prices) and generic enablers (secure asset and user management, and service monitoring). It’s possible to integrate custom algorithms with FlexMeasures, so we can bring partner solutions online in a transparent and sustainable fashion. Our non-technical offering comprises sharing insights into flexibility modeling and standards (see above), as well as experiences on project designs and building data integration pipelines (e.g. APIs, regular CSV imports) with an eye on data quality.

Pricing model

1. One-time fees: applicable to project based work (e.g. initial setup & modeling, migration, consultation hours etc)
2. Recurring fees:
- per tested simulation scenario
- per month of hosting FlexMeasures in our SaaS service (here we handle different feeds based on how large your setup is and how complex your optimization goals are)

What we offer in addition

Sharing experiences and/or consulting on:
- Home energy management
- Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)
- Structuring databases for time series based solutions such as prognosis-based trading and scheduling.
- Bringing intelligent real-time solutions into the cloud.

Selected Partner Contact
Seita Energy Flexibility B.V.
@Impact Hub, Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam

Felix Claessen

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