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How we understand partnership

Grid Singularity is a digital platform provider that facilitates online collaboration among grid operators, energy communities and other energy market stakeholders, accelerating innovation by enabling virtual proof-of-concepts and sharing of knowledge and approaches. In addition to a free simulation tool (, we are soon launching a Canary Test Network to enable live deployment of a local energy market, where grid operators will also be able to collaboratively innovate. We expect active participation of ERA-Net members and contribution to further open source software development so that we can jointly implement bottom-up energy markets. We have elaborated on our concept and publicly shared the results of ongoing collaboration via our Medium account:, and our software is published on GitHub, with free access to the simulation tool

What we offer

Grid Singularity is a Berlin-based technology company engineering, open source software that simulates and operates custom energy exchanges, creating local marketplaces. Our mission is to act as an enabler of new, green energy business models, fostering virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing via our Canary Test Network. We perceive ourselves as a team of creative researchers and social entrepreneurs. Open source software and promotion of tolerance, diversity and care for the environment are at the core of our beliefs.

Pricing model

Grid operators are provided with additional features and tools for an annual fee on subscription, i.e. the Grid Singularity Canary Test Network service. The software deployment model is to be determined based on partners (a transaction fee share is likely to apply here).

What we offer in addition

The virtual collaboration tool is the key feature of the Grid Singularity D3A Canary Test Network that enables local energy trading. We encourage knowledge sharing and joint participation in simulating and deploying innovative solutions to grid and market management. We will continue to carefully document all technical developments on a public GitHuB and Wiki page.

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