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How we understand partnership

By joining the ERA-Net JPP SES as a Digital Platform Provider, we expect to:
- gain visibility and participate in different ERA-Net initiatives
- partner with utilities and research institutes to improve our existing solutions
- validate and enhance our existing solutions with the feedback of the users

What we offer

Zaphiro’s main product is SynchroGuard, the first grid monitoring and control system based on sub-second and time-synchronized measurements from micro-PMUs (Phasor Measurement Unit) and powered by patented algorithms.
SynchroGuard is a combined hardware and software solution which consists of measurement devices (micro-PMUs) placed at strategic locations and a central grid controller which implements algorithms to analyze the measurement data. These algorithms provide a real-time view of the energy flows in the grid to the electrical utility with advanced grid analytics. They enable automatic control of Distributed Energy Resources (e.g. renewables, electric vehicles, batteries, etc.) and automatically locate faults in the grid. Also, SynchroGuard seamlessly integrates with legacy DMS/SCADA systems.

Pricing model

We are flexible to discuss different pricing models depending on the user's needs.

What we offer in addition

Zaphiro has several years of field experience in implementing smart grid solutions worldwide.
The know-how ranges from hardware to IT systems and custom software solutions.

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Zaphiro Technologies
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Paolo Romano

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