Joint Call 2019 on Energy Storage Solutions (MICall19)

The call has been closed.

Details on the ambition and requirements of the call are explained in the call text document (here as PDF). Projects started from autumn 2019 and will close at the latest in December 2023.

Outcomes of the Joint Call 2019 ("MICall19”)

Joint call of €22 million for transnational projects on energy storage solutions. 

Total project budget for successful applications €27,8 million, whereof requested funding €16,5 million. 

Call aim

A fundamental transformation of our energy systems towards a sustainable, low carbon and climate-friendly economy that is designed to last is required to meet the obligations of the Paris agreement. Achieving a largely decarbonised energy system by 2050 will require the integration of many new energy solutions and ‘first of a kind’ technologies.

To exploit the full potential of renewable energy sources, new, holistic solutions for energy storage are critical. As renewable energy sources are inherently variable, storage of surplus energy to provide peak load supply security is crucial. A large surplus of energy is also necessary for inter-seasonal energy storage.

Strong, innovative and competitive companies should provide the technology and services needed to deliver low carbon energy solutions that provide energy efficiency and security. Energy is a critical commodity and essential for full participation in modern society. Consumers are therefore also at the centre of this ambition. The development and delivering of local energy solutions to meet local needs, linking local generation to local use is a path to unlocking vibrant local energy economies.

The Joint Call 2019 ("MICall19”) for projects focuses on the development of integrated storage systems and supports solutions answering to identified challenges within this area. It is highly encouraged to identify and involve "need-owners” in the solution development answering to the specified challenge.

The Joint Call 2019 ("MICall19”) focus on challenge areas where different types of partners from different parts of society collaborate to offer solutions to existing energy systems. The Joint Call 2019 ("MICall19”) supports RDD projects that con-tribute to the development of sustainable, integrated storage solutions for both short- and long-term storage within areas such as electrical-, electrochemical-, material-, thermal- and mechanical storage.

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Joint Call 2019 Webinars
In October and November our Joint Call 2019 („MICall19") webinars for call applicants and interested parties took place to gain more information on the topic of the call, (formal) application requirements, timelines, networking and matchmaking opportunities. Find more information and the slides here.
An additional Webinar for applicants who have submitted a registration of interest for the Joint Call 2019 (MICall19) took place in December, more information and the slides can be found here.
Please find answers on frequently asked questions here

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