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How we understand partnership

4cast has been working closely with the University of Potsdam for several years on the topic of a digital platform with various students at home and abroad. Together with European research companies, we are involved in international research projects. For this reason, we are interested in using additional opportunities to improve and publicize our way of machine learning.

What we offer

We offer open source software for (real-time) simulation of power systems, advanced automation services such as state estimation and AI based load forecasting and a multi-agent system to develop new distributed automation services.

Pricing model

The licensing model comprises a per user fee. We aim at a long-term growth and basically follow the GitLab pricing model.

What we offer in addition

manuals, webinars, OS kernels of software

Selected Partner Contact
4Cast GmbH & Co. KG
David-Gilly-Str. 1
14469 Aachen

Markus Abel
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The Joint Programming Platfrom Smart Energy Systems receives funding from the European Union´s Horizont 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreements no. 646039, 775970 and 883973 .
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