How we understand partnership

Today, ÇÖZÜMTR has a special focus on critical infrastructures and digital transformation. The SME designs and implements Payment Systems, Fare Collection Systems, IoT-enabled Systems and Blockchain. To futher support its partners and customers, ÇÖZÜMTR also designs and develops specially tailored software and hardware products according to the user needs. ÇÖZÜMTR provides innovative software and electronics solutions for all types and scales of institutions, first and foremost for public bodies and industry. ÇÖZÜMTR has founded expertise on IoT based M2M systems and has already developed many embedded and fully integrated solutions on transportation for governmental institutions such as municipalities and ministries. ÇÖZÜMTR is willing to share this experience in the DPP SES - ERA-Net network and is happy to cooperate in an R&D project as an SME partner.

What we offer

ÇÖZÜMTRs many years of expertise on electronic, digital and mobile fare collection tools regarding any random system; be it open loop, closed loop, card based, account based, or code, barcode, paper slips etc.

Pricing model

It depends on if the system is installed in an open source or licensed infrastructure in project(s).

What we offer in addition

Consultancy, business analysis, aftersale services and more, including ongoing technical support are among ÇÖZÜMTR''s services.

Selected Partner Contact
Eskisehir Osmangazi University Meselik Campus Technopark No: Z24
26040 Eskisehir
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