The Clean Energy Transition Podcast-series by Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems and Tuomas Vanhanen presents how research projects are contributing to the transformation of energy system. In each episode, deep insights into an energy sector are provided. While new technologies, projects and policy recommendations are discussed. The podcast is produced by the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems and supported by the Nessling Foundation.

Episode 5: How to regulate Green Hydrogen?

Listen to the last episode of the Clean Energy Transition Podcast "How to regulate Green Hydrogen?". The guests in this episode are Tara Amirkhizi and Rasmus Pedersen from Technical University of Denmark. In this episode we learn about green Hydrogen and the obstacles connected with it. The experts also analyse the role of gas in the energy system.


Episode 4: Local energy markets need precise rules and roles

In this episode our guests are Michael Hübner and Lionel Delchambre. Michael Hübner is not only one of the Coordinators of the JPP ERA-Net SES, he is also working as an innovation officer at the Austrian Climate Ministry. From this background he emphasises the importance of consumer and stakeholder involvement in the innovation process. Lionel Delchambre from the JPP ERA-Net SES project H2 CoopStorage gives interesting insights into the project’s work and stresses that the benefits of the energy transition need to be felt in a region. Moreover, he gives the example of a citizen energy cooperative in Flanders that didn’t pass the rising energy cost to the consumer since their electricity is produced by wind, which is independent of the rise of gas prices.


Episode 3: On the role of cities, governments, and open data in green electrification

This episode’s guests are Ludwig Karg, CEO of B.A.U.M. Consult, and three researchers from the JPP ERA-Net SES project TOP-UP: Thijs Bouman, Pedro Magalhães and Juan Martinez. Ludwig Karg, who is also the coordinator of Working Group System Architecture and Implementation Modelling, discusses the role of municipalities and local administrations, data, and people as owners of the data in the effort to create a more sustainable energy system. People need to be included to join the transition! The project TOP-UP works on these topics. The experts from Danish and Dutch Universities share their knowledge on how this can be done.


Episode 2: How to tap into the benefits of sector integration in heating?

Listen to the second episode of the Clean Energy Transition Podcast "How to tap into the benefits of sector integration in heating?". The guests in this episode are Fredrik Lundström from the Swedish Energy Agency and Co-Chair of the JPP SES, the projects Heatflex, represented by Jakob Worm, and NewSETS, represented by Juhani Riikonen. After Fredrik Lundström guides us through the role of funding in the energy transition and his work, we learn about district heating in the energy grid form Jakob Worm. Our last guest Juhani Riikonen gives insights into the work of NewSETS to create an energy autonomy island on Åland islands in Finland.


Episode 1: A Citizen perspective to Energy Storage

The series starts with "A Citizen perspective to Energy Storage", originally a contribution to the Sixth Mission Innovation Ministerial 2021. The episode includes a bold proposal of how to rethink the energy transition, provides deep insights on emerging technology as well as recommendations from the RDI ecosystem to policy. The projects Flexisync, represented by Anna Nilsson and SONDER, represented by Stefan Wilker are this episode’s guests. Minna Näsman, the lead of the JPP SES Working Group on Storage and Cross Energy Carriers and facilitator of the presented policy recommendations is also on board.


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