Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed & Living Lab


Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed (2007) is the official nationwide Living Lab incubator under the action plan for jobs 2012 (Irish Govt), holding numerous awards including IEA. In 2018 the Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed assembled its expert ecosystem to deliver Ireland''s first EU smart city [www.cityxchange.eu], with leading energy solutions for the disturbance neutral community grid, positive energy district & local common energy & flexibility market through the first Citizen Energy Community Utility- Smart M Power Co. Ltd. (MPOWER PIC 919757105). [www.enerxchange.com]. The satellite test beds are located in Dublin City North, Limerick City Centre and Aran Islands with more locations through Interreg NWE Community Virtual Power Plant. Partners IES (PIC 998521105) & MEGA (PIC 919768648) have developed the Energy Community Union (MEGA) in pursuit of the development and advancement of energy communities and EU-styled PED networks.


Chief Engineer, Senior Test Eng, Field Test Eng, Sustainability Expert, Renewable Energy Expert, Digital Platform Architect, Software-Power Systems Eng, Software-Power Systems Eng, Software Eng, Network Eng, Mapping, Citizen-Engagement by 2.


Partners for test validation are the Energy Community Union (MEGA) Pic 919768648 and FH Technikum Wien (IES) Pic 998521105.

The key focus of all testing would be to enable other parties to achieve full interoperability in Ireland as a conduit to the rest of Europe, this would involve Digital Platforms, Smart Grid Systems with the main focus being on the following two areas:

1) Positive Energy Districts, Devices or Systems ranging from mW to MW
2) Citizen Energy Systems embedded in Community Grids, including devices ranging from mW to MW

The general approach is collaborative innovation and style, although this would not exclude Testing and Certification as a service in the collaborative innovative area. The service would be open to the establishing of various types of consortia or partnership arrangements with funding from various state entities or other international organisations dedicated to the advancement to clean energy systems and zero carbon future. Other areas of special interest are M2M communications and power 2 gas systems.


Central Lab Factor 600 m2 on 0.3 Ha - 800 kW, 300 kW Battery, Grid Stabilizer, 80 installed prosumer SLUs (smart meters +), PMU, oscilloscopes + advanced test gear, 200 by 12 KW prosumer grid connections, wind & PV, pump-as-turbine testbed.

Test areas are close to significant electricity distribution infrastructure and substations which will facilitate radical increases of capacity in the future.


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Due to varying project scopes, pricing is defined individually based on the services/work contribution requested and potential synergies between the project and other collaborative funding mechanisms. In fact right now 100% of the test bed capacities on all sites are in full use and funded. Spare capacity is expected earliest October will fall back on R&D.

Selected Partner Contact
Dublin, Ireland

Responsible organisation(s): Smart M Power Ltd, Ireland

Evaldas Simonis
Dudley Stewart C. Eng.

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