JPP SES Policy Brief 2022 Edition available now!

On the basis of their profound expertise and knowledge, the researchers from the JPP SES Knowledge Community have developed recommendations on key aspects to be considered by decision makers. Read the recommendations here!


JPP SES Policy Briefs 2022: available in three formats

Policy Briefs count among the main outputs of the JPP SES Knowledge Community and are regularly developed within the co-creation activities of the current five thematic Knowledge Community Working GroupsThe recommendations are primarily targeted at policy makers, managers of funding programmes and projects, regulators as well as representatives from business and science. Developed on the basis of the profound experience and expertise of researchers from 24 projects of the JPP SES initiative and 5 projects form outside the JPP SES initiative, the 35 recommendations cover a wide range of topics that are essential for driving forward the energy transition.

The Policy Brief 2022 Edition is available in the following formats:


Policy Briefs as the result of an intensive and iterative work process over several months

The JPP SES Knowledge Community runs through an annual process of discussing, developing, drafting and disseminating Policy Briefs. This process is facilitated by the JPP SES Support Team. For the current Policy Brief Edition the process started with the Status Conference at the JPP SES Conference in November 2021, where reference documents – as basis for the discussion – were selected. This was followed by a phase in which experts added contributions to the discussion documents on the expera platform, which provided the basis for the first round of discussions in the Working Group Meetings in January and February 2022. The lively, critical and constrictive exchange during these meetings allowed for the Working Group Leads of the JPP SES Support Team to then develop a first draft of the Policy Briefs. The latter were discussed and finalised in the joint meeting of all five Working Groups in March 2022. The JPP SES Steering Board agreed to the publication and dissemination of the Policy Briefs on 20 April 2022.


Feel free to share the Policy Briefs in your networks and contact us at if any question arises!

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