Energy Communities: Pioneering initiatives from Spain

On 23 July the Mission Innovation Austria (MIA) online event in cooperation with the Joint Prorgamming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) and Turning Tables highlighted two examples of energy communities from Spain. Please download the slides here after registrering on expera. The recording of the webinar will be available soon.

Background Local Energy Community Event Series

The event continued a series that started with „Findings from European innovation programmes and pilot projects" and was strongly supported by the European Taskforce on Energy Communities. This time the focus was on examples from Spain. Find more information and an overview of the overall event series of MIA and the Taskfore on Energy Communities here.

Pioneering initiatives from Spain

Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult, Head of the Task Force on Energy Communities) started with introduction to the topic and an update on developments at European level, followed by opening words by Michael Hübner (BMK Austria, Coordinator of JPP SES, Chairman of NSCG SET-Plan Action 4) and Rafael Bahamonde Nieto (Turning Tables). 

Afterwards Sara de la Serna (IDEA) presented the perspective of the public sector in Spain on the topic. Followed by two examples of Energy Communities. In a panel discussion at the end, the audience had the opportunity to clarify open questions directly with the speakers. 

Presentation on Sapiens

Juan Sacri  (President and Director Sapiens) introduced Sapiens, a non-profit organization specialised in creating Renewable energy Communities (REC) where you can have a vote, a voice and be an active part on the Energy transition in your municipality, impacting positively on the environment and your town while you save money.
The presentation was rounded off by a video interview with Nicolau Claramunt, the mayor of Albalat dels Sorells.
Subsequently, Alejandro Gomez from Valencia's City hall, explained the importance of the concept and the strategies pursued by the City of Valencia. 

Presentation EnerCoop

This was followed by Joaquin Mas (CEO at EnerCoop Group) presenting the „Cooperativa Electrica Benefica San Francisco de Asis, Coop. V.", the main company of Enercoop Group, was founded in 1925 in Crevillent’ s Village, with the firm objective of distributing electrical energy to totaly dwellings of this town in a fairly way and respecting the environment. Total energy production of this company has zero emissions and works deeply to achieve that all the distributing energy should be 100% renewable as generated energy. Our Group is represented in all of the energy value chain, producing renewable energy, distributing with its own electrical grid that supplies more tan 14.000 clients and selling this energy in the retailer market. Now our company is involve to achieve the total Energy Transition.
This presentation was also enriched by a video interview with José Manuel Penalva, Mayor of City Hall Crevillent. 


Speaker Bio 

Juan Sacri (President and Director Sapiens) is a passionate energy engineer working in the renewable energy sector since 2007. His background is in the wind sector where he has been working as asset and project manager. He specialises in energy markets, demand response, flexibility and energy strategies design for municipalities. Juan is currently the director of the renewable energy cooperative Sapiens Energia and he coordinates the Renewable Energy Communities hub powered by AVAESEN. His main purpose is to "put the energy in people hands".

Joaquín Mas (CEO at EnerCoop Group) is an electrical engineer with 20 years in the renewable energy sector. He has developed most of his professional career linked to the regional public administration in Spain, mainly in local or regional energy agencies, and has coordinated several working groups on self-consumption and energy transition in various associations. Since 2018 he is the CEO of Enercoop Group, the largest historical electric cooperative in Spain.

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