JPP ERA-Net SES Virtual Working Group Meeting Spring 2022

JPP ERA-Net SES facilitates the exchange between experts in the field of smart energy systems. The next joint meeting of our five Working Groups is held on 17 March 2022, 14:00-16:30 CET.
Join the Working Group Meeting for fruitful exchange within the ongoing process of co-creation within the JPP ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community!

Representatives of JPP ERA-Net SES funded projects as well as external experts in the field of smart energy systems are highly welcome to join the Working Group Meeting to:

Starting with the JPP ERA-Net SES Status Conference 2020, the JPP ERA-Net SES initiative introduced an advanced element for cooperation and collaboration within the international smart energy systems innovation world. The five Working Groups of the JPP ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community relate the results from JPP ERA-Net SES funded projects to the research outside the JPP ERA-Net SES ecosystem – represented by selected reference documents. From this, Spotlights and Policy Briefs are then developed and published by the JPP ERA-Net SES initiative. Spotlights give an overview of the JPP ERA-Net SES created knowledge and conclusions at a specific time of the JPP ERA-Net SES implementation. Policy Briefs are informed recommendations by the JPP ERA-Net SES Knowledge Community targeted towards different decision makers. The recommendations relate to EU and international SES selected reference documents and are disseminated in different formats.

To that end the Working Groups have been collaborating and contributing to a set of living discussion documents since December 2021 and gathered for a first discussion on the projects’ perspectives and positions towards the selected reference documents in the Working Group Meetings in January and February 2022.

The upcoming Working Group Meeting will bring together members of all five Working Groups to review the by then prepared drafts of the Policy Brief 2022 Edition. Following the Working Group Meeting in Spring, the Working Group Leads will finalize the Policy Brief 2022 Edition to be submitted to the Steering Board in April 2022.



To participate in the meeting, please register for the Working Group meeting(s) you would like to participate in by clicking the registration button on the left.

Preparatory tasks

To prepare for a fruitful discussion in the joint Working Group Meeting, please visit the workspaces of the Working Groups on expera. Please write to us stating which Working Groups(s) you would like to join if you cannot access the workspaces. You will then be granted access to the workspaces.

On the individual workspaces of the Working Groups dedicate some time to:

  • familiarizing yourself with the process of co-creation.
  • reviewing the current status of contributions and comments to the living discussion documents.
  • adding your and your consortium’s perspectives and positions to the discussion documents.

To prepare for the finalization of the Policy Brief 2022 Edition, please visit the results section on expera and dedicate some time to:

  • reviewing the Policy Brief 2021 Edition Summary
  • reviewing, commenting and contributing to the drafts of the Policy Brief 2022 Edition Working Group versions. Please note: the latter will only be available from 07 March 2022 onwards.


Access Details for the Working Group Meeting

Please connect to the virtual Working Group Meeting via the link provided via e-mail to registered participants before the meeting.

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