Kick-Off for ‘MICall20’ - Joint Call on digital transformation for green energy transition

Mission Innovation Side-Event, September 28, 2020: Building on the success of the first MICall19 on integrated energy storage solutions, the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) will announce the multilateral MICall20 for cooperative RDI projects on digital transformation for green energy transition. In relation to the MICall20, the networking and matchmaking process of JPP SES Digital Platform Provider (DPP) and Living Lab Network (LL) will be launched. Further, an outlook on potential new initiatives and co-creation will be facilitated by JPP SES.

Accelerating the energy transition with collaborative support for RDI projects

As side event of the Fifth Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-5) the event continues the dialogue between research and industry that will shape MI's strategic activities. Building on last years's successfull event on integrated energy storage solutions, first results of the MICall19 (on integrated energy storage solutions) will be presented. The Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net SES will build on the success story of MICall19 by announcing the multilateral Joint Call 2020 (MICall20) for cooperative RDI projects (research organisations and industry) on digital transformation for green energy transition to be launched in autumn 2020 (more information here). 
In relation to the MICall20, the networking and matchmaking process of JPP SES Digital Platform Provider (DPP) and Living Lab Network (LL) will be launched.  Together the networks are building bridges in the entire innovation chain and shall accelerate the development of transnational innovation ecosystems. 
Next to the official MI Side-Event, JPP SES offers a co-creation workshop (B2) for Joint Call 2020 (MICall20). Potential applicants can meet with Living Labs and Digital Platform Providers to identify key research challenges for focus areas addressed in MICall20. Further, a session for representatives of interested MI members and their funding institutions (B1) will give insights on the participation of their countries in future MICalls.  
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Please note that there are two separate registrations: 
Register here for the Mission Innovation Ministerial Side Event (A).
Register here for the session on participation in MICalls as a funding partner (B1) and for the workshop on co-creation of research challenges for MICall20 (B2)

Agenda (CEST)

Side Event of 5th Mission Innovation Ministerial (A)


Welcome and introduction


Presentations on

          ·        Mission Innovation and future work

          ·        International RDI collaboration to accelerate the clean energy transition

          ·        Indian clean energy innovation priorities and why international collaboration RD&I is important for India

          ·        Report back on MICALL19 and announcement of MICall20

          ·        Kicking-Off the JPP SES Living Lab Network and Digital Platform Providers




Coffee Break – Switching to 2nd part of the event

Workshop session hosted by JPP SES (B)


Session for Programme Owners and Managers (B1)

Session for Need Owners and Researchers (B2)


Participation in future MICalls as a funding partner

Identifying cooperation potentials on national and international level

Moderated co-creation workshop for research challenges

Identifying the research questions to be tackled along dimensions of MICall20:

         ·        Communication

         ·        Technical Operation

         ·        Market Operation

         ·        Business Operation

Session Access
Access to the online sessions will be provided after registration and shortly before the event. 

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