Workshop “Innovation Ecosystems for Smart Service Development“

Join the additional activity for the ERA-Net SG+ Community organised by the ERA-Net Smarr Energy Systems initative

About the Event

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus oganises the Workshop "Innovation Ecosystems for Smart Service Development". This Workshop will be hosted by the Austrian Smart Energy Systems Week 2017.  The workshop will be implemented as a joint additional activity of ERA-Net SG+.

Location and Date

May 15, 2017 - Austria, Graz


A core group of partners of the ERA-Net SG+ initiative has already started in 2016 to develop an approach how to establish innovation ecosystems for the development of smart services for smart energy systems. In particular, a workshop on Service and Data Platforms was held in 2016 in Linz (Austria), with a short report given in our STB meeting #5. With this workshop being held on 15th May 2017 in Graz, this work will be continued.

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