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Together with associated partners from regional business and government, the start-up and SME sector, additional financers and funders as well as ICT providers, we are working on an innovation eco-system, building bridges in the whole innovation chain.

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems in total and particularly the focus initiative on integrated regional energy systems (RegSys) aim to foster development of technology and business solutions that truly support energy efficiency and energy transition processes on a local and regional level while complementing and supporting the functionality of the overall energy system. Stakeholders at local and regional governance levels need to be involved to define the research needs and give RDI consortia confidence that their results will be adopted. To that end, the ERA-Net SES initiative will involve support and business entities in a broad range from innovative SMEs to incubators, deployment programmes and investors. Big companies shall liaise with start-ups and chambers of commerce to create opportunities for enterprises to form or link to consortia of research, development, demonstration and innovation initiatives. Such partners shall represent business domains way beyond the energy sector such as municipal infrastructure, transport, trade and agriculture. The involvement of stakeholders as associated partners will not only improve the quality of the funded RDD projects but increase their overall impact.
If you are interested in becoming an ERA-Net SES Associated Partner, have a look at our ASSOCIATED PARTNERS page where you can find the possible contributions and benefits as well as contact information.

Current Associated Partners

We are pleased to announce the first of our selected associated partners. Click on a logo for more details. Further information will soon be available.
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